Smart home tablet app conecpt for final year University project


Designer, Developer


Adobe XD, Arduino, Android Studio

For my final year project at University I designed and coded a smart home tablet app, which controlled the colours of a lamp, wired by an Arduino board and LED Strip lights.

Design and Research

Iuvo is the Latin word for 'help' or 'assist', making it the perfect name for my Smart Home app, helping and assisting users for an easier life.

I began the project by sketching ideas and researching existing smart home companies to get a better understanding of the controls and functions I would need to include in my application. The main trend I became aware of was the use of dark backgrounds and colour wheels for the lighting controls.

Development and Exhibition

I began by researching online tutorials to aid me in the process as I had never coded an app before this project. I wanted to push myself for my final project and show that I am a fast learner. I found an online tutorial by Makezine that connects LED strip lights to an arduino board that can be controlled using an app. I started by reading through the Android Studio website and following tutorials to get myself familiar with the software and found tutorials on YouTube to help create the screens I wanted for my app.

An exhibition was held by the University to display our final year projects. I created a home set up for those there to play with my app and change the colours of the lamp.

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