I Don't Want It At All

Alternative album cover for I Don't Want It At All by Kim Petras




Adobe Photoshop

I set myself a task to create various alternative album artwork covers of my favourite songs/artists to develop my skills as a designer in my free time. It is fun to explore different styles and techniques in Photoshop and interesting to see how different cover art can portray a song in a different light.

Original Artwork

Alternative Artwork

I Don't Want It At All is a girly, up beat pop song with 2000s vibes and sounds, which I wanted to portray in the artwork. Similarly, in the music video, featuring Paris Hilton, it focuses on a shopping spree - a nod to early 2000s movie scenes and Paris Hilton's glamourous lifestyle. I chose to use a retro computer with a Paris Hilton wallpaper to represent shopping online and evoke nostalgia.

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